About Us

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About us

Purple Engineering started in 2013 and is a Perth / Western Australian based company.
We are operating in two major sectors:
1- Distribution of equipment in Pipeline and Oil & Gas industries.
There are many overlapping products between these industries and Power Generation & Water / Hydraulic industries which helped us in the past to weather the storm of downturn in Oil & Gas sector.
We also provide robotic inspections for the Pipeline industry in order to be active in both products & service division.
Our marine division is directly related to pipeline installation.

2- Well-Testing & Flowback operation for inland projects:
We are working hard towards establishing ourselves as the main service provider for the well testing and flowback operation in Western Australia.
This position is hard to gain and harder to maintain.
It is the main objective for Purple Engineering to serve our clients in a level un-imaginable by our competitors.

Business Based on Friendship

We are goal oriented and our goal is to become the best supplier you ever had.
Every problem that we solve and the faster we overcome the obstacles the better we become at helping you in our field of expertise.
We are very excited about having the opportunity to help you and your team.

Australian Services

Our head office is based in Perth, Western Australia but we have warehouses that we use depending on ongoing projects around the country.
This is to reduce the delivery time for the equipment and parts that you might require.

We have the most friendly team available in Australia. Please call us and you will feel the difference.
Our Clients